AL Hoàng, Kẻ lạm dụng hàng loạt vi phạm bằng chức vụ

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                         COMMUNITY AFFAIRS

Houston Texas,  6.19.2011

Submission to the Authorities and the Public for Review

Al Hoang, the Serial Official Abuser

Al Hoang, district F council member of the City of Houston, Texas proposes to change the name of the street, where he owns a house, from TURTLEWOOD DRIVE to LITTLE SAIGON DRIVE. The act appears to be name changing for his own political and financial benefit. It is time to stop, once and for all, a serial official abuser.

Al Hoang cites that the new name will attract tourism and business to Houston. In fact, the proposed street is less than 350 yards long, which is occupied by a few row of townhouses on one side and an elementary school on the other. It is far from being an attractive landmark regardless of what the street name is to be. His reasoning is a pretext given in an attempt to conceal his political ambitions. Al Hoang is known to abuse his position as city council member to impose his own influence on the Vietnamese-American Community; whereas the control of their financial and political orientation is his only mission. To change Turtlewood to Little Saigon would be imprinting his mark on the community. It will be a focal point in his upcoming re-election campaign. Al Hoang would boast how he had done well for the Vietnamese-American Community by giving them… a street name. The Electoral Authority of Harris County shall restrict Al Hoang from campaigning in any languages other than English, although interprertation/translation can be provided. His campaign must be in an open class of people throughout the electable precinct and not limit his activities to specific individuals. Al Hoang’s undemocratic practice of vote-getting in the Vietnamese-American Community can reversely disenfranchise the district F constituents with respect to their constitutional rights to elect and to be served. Case study #1.

Previously, Al Hoang had forged the signatures of 16 residents of the Turtlewood area to submit his petition to the City Council of Houston for changing the name to Little Saigon Drive. The victims of this forgery are currently suing him. Attorney Al Hoang’s defense strategy is “not me, my nanny done it but she’s not here”. When the illegal scheme failed, Al Hoang abused his official privilege of a council seat by proposing directly to the City Council his plan to change the street name without being required to have the signatures of neighbors. The Mayor of Houston, Ms. Annise Parker, has initiated the Office of Inspector General investigation on her own authority.

“So we want to make sure that once that official action was initiated, that there were no irregularities, and that whether or not he was involved in any potential irregularities“. Mayor Parker said. “If there are anyirregularities during that, we’ll investigate those, but we’ll have to get this sorted out”. She also offered doubt about the incident.

With all due respect, the victims of the forgery have come forward with tangible evidence showing council member Al Hoang was stealing their identities. It appears to be more like a potential criminal activity rather than “potential irregularities”. A misconduct of a government official is being investigated by a government official of the same clan through an agency of her choice deems to be counterproductive. It has been known as “crisis management”. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, it would be a semi-democratic-process. Since the forgery and identity thief are federal offenses, the Mayor of Houston, in the interest and on behalf of the City, should file a formal complaint to the office of the United States Attorney. The Special Independent Authority will impartially “sort out” whether or not Al Hoang and his “nanny” did commit any crime. Shall the Mayor consider it is not her solemn duty to protect and preserve the Law, and then the People shall take action to initiate the proper legal process under its jurisdiction and the applicable laws. The real issue is not whether Al Hoang’s proposal to change the street name should or should not be approved, but whether or not Al Hoang himself should be indicted and prosecuted.

“Nothing is going to move until we can be assured that the community wishes have been fairly represented,”. Parker said.

Contrary to the Mayor’s comment with regard to “community wishes”, Al Hoang has demonstrated this is his own agenda by using his official privilege to propose a change of street name without the signatures of neighbors. That would attest his self-serving intent. The Asia Town Community is populated by hundreds of thousands of Asian-Americans and their well-established businesses that do not wish to be interrupted in terms of having to change the name of their street addresses and directions with banks, DPS, utility companies, social security, IRS, advertisings, stationeries, to name a few that would cost substantial time and money. Not to mention the taxpayers’ money would be wasted to change the street sign, the remapping, the property records of the HCAD, the City Planning Department, 911, USPS, the Police and Fire Departments, and so on. All that involved just to change the name of a 350-yard street to satisfy a malefactor. WE THE PEOPLE shall no longer be deluded by the subliminal suggestive terms rhetorically used by politicians such as “community wishes”, and the “American people want”, etc… for their self-serving agendas.


Democratic Action Council / Community Affairs

John Paul, Founder


To the DFPS and the IRS:

Al Hoang’s defense strategy was: “not me, my nanny done it but she’s not here“. The nanny’s identity and her whereabouts are unknown to him. If his claims are true, Al Hoang has committed child endangerment and tax evasion. He had placed the welfare of his children in the hands of a stranger. Al Hoang did not file his employee on his income tax and the nanny did not report her income from employer Al Hoang. The Child Protection Service and the IRS should pay a visit to Al Hoang.

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